Anna Trevorrow, At-large Portland Charter Commissioner

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Letters to the PPH in support of Anna

Anna Trevorrow overlooked in Charter Commission article

March 30, 2009

In Tom Bell's article on Charter Commission candidates ("So far, 23 show an interest in city Charter Commission," March 20), he mentions "some of the potential candidates are well-known."

I'd like the Press Herald to be an objective reporting source, and not decide who is a well-known individual and who is not. One of the candidates for the at-large seat is Anna Trevorrow, who is the chair of the Maine Green Independent Party, and is quite well-known in activist circles.

I'm curious if she didn't make the cut as "well-known" because she is young, or because she is a Green Independent?

I've known Anna Trevorrow to be an intelligent and passionate crusader for Portlanders who may not have a voice representing them. Anna is well-versed in the issues that are encompassed in the city charter. One example is her belief in granting voting rights to immigrants in Portland.

I hope that the Press Herald's continued coverage of the Charter Commission race will be less subjective than your initial introduction to the potential candidates.

Liz McMahon


I am writing in response to your article, "So far 23 show an interest in city Charter Commission."

I found the article to be biased, paying particular attention to a select group of candidates, while giving no background at all for most of the candidates. I am concerned that such selective reporting tends to influence your readership in an unbalanced way.

Particularly, I am concerned not to have seen better mention of at-large candidate Anna Trevorrow. Anna and I have been co-workers since 2007, and work very closely on a daily basis.

Thus, I have a first-hand knowledge of her strong work ethic, her sound judgment and her high level of professionalism. I also know how committed and impassioned she becomes in her work outside the office, such as chairing the Green Independent Party and working to help the community of Portland.

I would encourage the Portland Press Herald to take better care in balancing its reporting. And I would encourage the citizens of Portland to join me in supporting "Anna Trevorrow for a Better Tomorrow!"

Dana Tait


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